Class CommonParamRecord

  • public class CommonParamRecord
    extends java.lang.Object
    CommonParamRecord - Documentation.

    The main or 'primary' Upgrader Processors are just simple static classes, listed in the documentation frame-page under "Main Processors." Several of them just do some variant of syntax hiliting. The others perform cleaning or rearranging. Most of them have a simple 'run' method; however, they expect a large number of method-parameters.

    The real purpose of this class is, simply, to keep all of the method-parameters encapsulated in a single C-Styled 'record class' together so that only one actual parameter is passed to each of these processors. (It is easier to read for the developer involved...)

    The fields in this class are explained, below, and this class doesn't have any methods at all, just a single constructor. All fields in this class are declared both 'public' and 'final'.

    • Vector<HTMLNode> fileVec
      The vectorized-HTML JavaDoc Documentation Page

    • String cietFullName
      The fully qualified name of the CIET (Class, Interface or Enumerated-Type) for the JavaDoc page in this record. The fully qualified name includes the package-location.

    • JavaSourceCodeFile jscf
      A parse of the Source-Code file that was generated by the "JavaParser Bridge" Classes

    • JavaDocHTMLFile jdhf
      A parse of the Java-Doc file that was generated by this Upgrade Tool.

    • String jdFileName
      The name of the Java-Doc file that is represented by this vectorized-HTML.

    • String srcCodeFileName
      The name of the Source-Code file from which this Java-Doc HTML was originally generated

    • HiLiter hiLiter
      The tool used to convert source-code and snippets (from a variety of programming languages into Vectoried & Colorized HiLited HTML

    • Hashtable<String, String> embedTagIDTable
      The map of Embedded HTML Tags to HTML FileNames. This map is the same reference to the same Hashtable that was passed to the Upgrader during initialization. If the user has not opted to use any embedded HTML tags, and did not pass a Tag-ID to FileName Map, then this field in the record shall be null.

    • String srcCodeAsStr
      The complete '.java' source-code file as a java.lang.String

    • String dotDots
      Directory path to the root Java Doc Directory from the directory where the source file being parsed and upgraded is located. This is how the favicon and the CSS File are inserted.

    • String faviconImageFileName
      The filename for the favicon. Remember, if you have requested that the upgrader insert a favicon into your pages, it may have any extension, but it must be root-portion of the file-name must be named 'favicon'.

    • StorageWriter sw
      The log being used to print. This may be used to print messages about the processing to the terminal or log.

    • Stats stats
      The statistics which are kept during the documentation-upgrade process.

    • Field Detail

      • fileVec

        public final java.util.Vector<HTMLNode> fileVec
        This is the parsed, javadoc-generated '.html' file which has the HTML File for a given CIET (Class, Interface, or Enumerated-Type) stored as a vectorized-html web-page.
        Exact Field Declaration Expression:
        public final Vector<HTMLNode> fileVec;
      • cietFullName

        public final java.lang.String cietFullName
        The fully qualified name, including package-location information, of the class, interface, or enuerated-type.
        Exact Field Declaration Expression:
        public final String cietFullName;
      • jscf

        public final JavaSourceCodeFile jscf
        This is the parsed "Source-Code-File" created by the Java-Parser Bridge. This allows the logic to retrieve the actual text-String data-definitions for the Method-bodies in a Java-Class. After identifying the correct Method, these text-String's can be transmitted to the HiLite Server and added into the Java-Doc Page.
        Exact Field Declaration Expression:
        public final JavaSourceCodeFile jscf;
      • jdhf

        public final JavaDocHTMLFile jdhf
        This is the parsed "Java-Doc HTML Web Documentation File" which was also parsed by the Java-Parser bridge. Theoretically, it should contain identical (or nearly identical) internals (Field's, Constructor's, and Method's) to the instance of "JavaSourceCodeFile" (input parameter 'jscf') - because they are both created from the same Java class.
        Exact Field Declaration Expression:
        public final JavaDocHTMLFile jdhf;
      • jdFileName

        public final java.lang.String jdFileName
        This parameter is, generally, not needed for the purposes of loading the file - because it already has been loaded. This is generally used because all of the exceptions that could, potentially, be thrown are more informative when their detail-message indicates the file that was being parsed when-or-if an exception happens to be thrown.
        Exact Field Declaration Expression:
        public final String jdFileName;
      • srcCodeFileName

        public final java.lang.String srcCodeFileName
        This is the local file-name that contains the "Java Source Code File" as a '.java' text file. Much like parameter 'jdFileName' that methods in this package that accept class CommonParamRecord usually use this for exception detail-messages (to make them look better).
        Exact Field Declaration Expression:
        public final String srcCodeFileName;
      • hiLiter

        public final HiLiter hiLiter
        The Functional Interface module that performs Code Hiliting. The classes that accept class CommonParamRecord, and also do 'Code Hiliting' include: HiLiteDividers, HiLiteMethods, HiLiteConstructors, etc...
        Exact Field Declaration Expression:
        public final HiLiter hiLiter;
      • embedTagIDTable

        public final java.util.Hashtable<java.lang.String,​java.lang.String> embedTagIDTable
        The HTML '<EMBED>' Element ID to FileName Map. This is solely used by the class EmbedTag inside of the 'run(...)' method
        Exact Field Declaration Expression:
        public final Hashtable<String, String> embedTagIDTable;
      • srcCodeAsStr

        public final java.lang.String srcCodeAsStr
        This field is solely used by the HiLiteSrcCodeFile processor. For any JavaDoc generated HTML page, this shall contain the complete '.java' Source Code File as a java.lang.String
        Exact Field Declaration Expression:
        public final String srcCodeAsStr;
      • dotDots

        public final java.lang.String dotDots
        For any JavaDoc Generated HTML Page, this shall contain the 'path' back to the root JavaDoc directory, as a series of '../' concatenated-String's. This makes it easy to create links to other parts of a JavaDoc page - such as the favicon-link.
        Exact Field Declaration Expression:
        public final String dotDots;
      • faviconImageFileName

        public final java.lang.String faviconImageFileName
        The file-name for the favicon.
        Exact Field Declaration Expression:
        public final String faviconImageFileName;
      • sw

        public final StorageWriter sw
        This parameter is a log, and if it is not null, it will print log information. If it is null, it will usually just be ignored.
        Exact Field Declaration Expression:
        public final StorageWriter sw;
      • stats

        public final Stats stats
        This parameter keeps statistics about the documentation-upgrade process. It is not used by any of the Main Operations Classes, other than the one for Embed-Tags. The statistics, themselves, are computed (mostly) by the 'Stats' class, and invoked by the Main Operations Loop.
        Exact Field Declaration Expression:
        public final Stats stats;
    • Constructor Detail

      • CommonParamRecord

        public CommonParamRecord​
                    (java.util.Vector<HTMLNode> fileVec,
                     java.lang.String cietFullName,
                     JavaSourceCodeFile jscf,
                     JavaDocHTMLFile jdhf,
                     java.lang.String jdFileName,
                     java.lang.String srcCodeFileName,
                     HiLiter hiLiter,
                     java.util.Hashtable<java.lang.String,​java.lang.String> embedTagIDTable,
                     java.lang.String srcCodeAsStr,
                     java.lang.String dotDots,
                     java.lang.String faviconImageFileName,
                     StorageWriter sw,
                     Stats stats)
        This constructor merely initializes the contents of the 'record-class' with the values of the provided input-parameters. Review the fields of this class to understand the meaning of each of these parameters.
        Exact Constructor Body:
         this.fileVec                = fileVec;
         this.cietFullName           = cietFullName;
         this.jscf                   = jscf;
         this.jdhf                   = jdhf;
         this.jdFileName             = jdFileName;
         this.srcCodeFileName        = srcCodeFileName;
         this.hiLiter                = hiLiter;
         this.embedTagIDTable        = embedTagIDTable;
         this.srcCodeAsStr           = srcCodeAsStr;
         this.dotDots                = dotDots;
         this.faviconImageFileName   = faviconImageFileName;
         this.sw                     = sw;
         this.stats                  = stats;