Class RearrangeSummaries.SummaryItems

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    public static class RearrangeSummaries.SummaryItems
    extends java.lang.Object
    SummaryItems - Documentation.

    This is the configuration class that is used to re-arrange a summary section. The summary sections in a JavaDoc HTML Page include lists such as "Method Summaries", "Field Summaries", "Constructor Summaries" etc... These summaries are, effectively, the documentation 'Table of Contents' near the top of an HTML Documentation Page. The default, JavaDoc generated, lists do not allow for categorizing the classes, fields, constructors etc... into sub-lists. Creating 'sub-sections' with nice-looking title is the purpose of the "RearrangeSummaries" Processor.

    This class needs to be filled with several-lists (arrays) in order to perform the rearranging of this Table of Contents.

    For a more visual explanation of what the 'Summary Items' are, please review the following before and after screen clips:

    Below is a sample of what the arrays should look like in order for this upgrader to perform such an upgrade. This is the "Rearrange Summaries" list of arrays used to build the Java HTML Library. This file is quite long, but reading might make it easier to understand what actually belongs inside these arrays.

    • Constructor Summary

      SummaryItems​(String[] ciets, String[][] sectionNames, FCM[] sections, java.util.function.ToIntFunction[] sorters, String rootSourceFileDirectory)
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    • Field Detail

      • ciets

        public final java.lang.String[] ciets
        This is the list of classes, interfaces or enums that shall have at least one of their summary sections rearranged. The names passed to this field must contain full and complete package-names. The 'Simple Class Name' is insufficient! This array shall be parallel (and, therefore, of equal length) to the other arrays in this class.
        Exact Field Declaration Expression:
        public final String[] ciets;
      • sectionNames

        public final java.lang.String[][] sectionNames
        This should contain the names of the sections in which the fields, constructors or methods will be divided. Each sub-array of this two dimensional array shall contain a list for one CIET. This array must be parallel to the other arrays in this class.
        Exact Field Declaration Expression:
        public final String[][] sectionNames;
      • sections

        public final FCM[] sections
        This array should identify which of the summary sections are to be rearranged. The Summary Sections in a JavaDoc web-page that can be re-arranged include fields, methods and constructors.
        Exact Field Declaration Expression:
        public final FCM[] sections;
      • sorters

        public final java.util.function.ToIntFunction[] sorters
        This is function-pointer that you must provide to sort the methods, fields or constructors in a summary-section. Each of these java.util.function.IntFuction's must have an int apply(T t) method that will return the array-index of the section-name where the method, field or constructor will be placed.

        IMPORTANT: The IntFunction<T> that are members of this list must have a type that is one of Method, Field or Constructor.
        Exact Field Declaration Expression:
                public final ToIntFunction[] sorters;
    • Constructor Detail

      • SummaryItems

        public SummaryItems​(java.lang.String[] ciets,
                            java.lang.String[][] sectionNames,
                            FCM[] sections,
                            java.util.function.ToIntFunction[] sorters,
                            java.lang.String rootSourceFileDirectory)
        Internally used constructor for this class.