HTML Parse, Search, Update and Scrape Package

SEE: VERSION 1.6   (Jar & Docs) HERE - May, 2020

Package Sample Code

SEE: "Boston Globe Web-site Crawl/Scrape" Example HERE
SEE: Slightly larger crawl of "Dallas Morning News" HERE
SEE: Spanish-News Site Patterns (View, NON-Compiling) HERE
SEE: Simple Search on Google Images HERE
SEE: Download the DOM Tree JavaScript IDL's HERE
SEE: Vincent Van-Gogh Painting-Scrape HERE
SEE: The Real Horror (Government-Run Internet Photo-Bombs) HERE

Google Groups Q & A

I (Ralph Torello), will check e-mail and receive messages if anyone wishes to ask questions about JavaHTML.jar The Google Group is to help promote the tools by allowing others to ask questions about how to use these tools - and make sure anyone else who wants to use these, can.

NOTE: GitHub DOES NOT CONTAIN A COPY OF THE THIS CODE, and though open source code is just fine, the code-documentation is much more important than the original source - and may be viewed (which, in fact, includes most of the Java source) on this site. GitHub is not conducive in any way shape or form to software-programmers who are trying to learn how to use tools. Functioning jar-files, reasonably documentation and example-code is quite a bit better. Here is (yet another) link to the jar-file... JAR,   and the documentation: DOCS

CREATION DATE: The following "Google Group" was created on Friday, July 5th, 2019. There is a fully functioning jar-file posted on this web-site, and it will facilitate downloading HTML web-pages to java Vectors, and searching them. I am, personally, not too worried about having "lots of followers" or "lots of posters" on this Google Group, and perhaps it will never be used! However, contacting me is easy using this group, since e-mail is always "in my face." (Unless I ever get out of this horrible country U.S.A. - which I am always hoping to do!)