Theia Keyboard Shortcuts

Command Keybinding Context / When Source
Add Cursor Above alt+ctrl+up editorTextFocus default
Add Cursor Below alt+ctrl+down editorTextFocus default
Add Cursors to Line Ends shift+alt+i editorTextFocus default
Add Line Comment ctrl+k ctrl+c editorTextFocus && !editorReadonly default
Add Selection To Next Find Match ctrl+d editorFocus default
Auto Fix... shift+alt+. editorTextFocus && !editorReadonly && supportedCodeAction =~ /(\s|^)quickfix\b/ default
Change All Occurrences ctrl+f2 editorTextFocus && !editorReadonly default
Close All Tabs alt+shift+w default
Close Other Tabs ctrlcmd+alt+t default
Close Tab alt+w default
Collapse All Side Panels alt+shift+c default
Collapse Side Panel alt+c default
Copy ctrlcmd+c default
Copy Line Down shift+alt+down editorTextFocus && !editorReadonly default
Copy Line Up shift+alt+up editorTextFocus && !editorReadonly default
Cut ctrlcmd+x default
Delete del navigatorActive default
Delete Line shift+ctrl+k textInputFocus && !editorReadonly default
Expand Selection shift+alt+right editorTextFocus default
Find ctrlcmd+f default
Find in Files ctrlcmd+shift+f default
Find Next f3 editorFocus default
Find Next Selection ctrl+f3 editorFocus default
Find Previous shift+f3 editorFocus default
Find Previous Selection shift+ctrl+f3 editorFocus default
Fold shift+ctrl+[ editorTextFocus && foldingEnabled default
Fold All ctrl+k ctrl+0 editorTextFocus && foldingEnabled default
Fold All Block Comments ctrl+k ctrl+/ editorTextFocus && foldingEnabled default
Fold All Regions ctrl+k ctrl+8 editorTextFocus && foldingEnabled default
Fold Level 1 ctrl+k ctrl+1 editorTextFocus && foldingEnabled default
Fold Level 2 ctrl+k ctrl+2 editorTextFocus && foldingEnabled default
Fold Level 3 ctrl+k ctrl+3 editorTextFocus && foldingEnabled default
Fold Level 4 ctrl+k ctrl+4 editorTextFocus && foldingEnabled default
Fold Level 5 ctrl+k ctrl+5 editorTextFocus && foldingEnabled default
Fold Level 6 ctrl+k ctrl+6 editorTextFocus && foldingEnabled default
Fold Level 7 ctrl+k ctrl+7 editorTextFocus && foldingEnabled default
Fold Recursively ctrl+k ctrl+[ editorTextFocus && foldingEnabled default
Format Document shift+alt+f editorHasDocumentFormattingProvider && editorHasDocumentFormattingProvider && editorTextFocus && !editorReadonly default
Format Selection ctrl+k ctrl+f editorHasDocumentSelectionFormattingProvider && editorHasDocumentSelectionFormattingProvider && editorTextFocus && !editorReadonly default
Go Back alt+left default
Go Forward alt+right default
Go to Bracket shift+ctrl+\ editorTextFocus default
Go to Definition ctrl+f12 editorHasDefinitionProvider && editorTextFocus && !isInEmbeddedEditor default
Go to Implementation ctrl+f12 editorHasImplementationProvider && editorTextFocus && !isInEmbeddedEditor default
Go to Last Edit Location ctrl+alt+q default
Go to Line... ctrl+g editorFocus default
Go to Next Difference f7 isInDiffEditor default
Go to Next Problem (Error, Warning, Info) alt+f8 editorTextFocus && !editorReadonly default
Go to Next Problem in Files (Error, Warning, Info) f8 editorFocus && !editorReadonly default
Go to Next Symbol Highlight f7 editorTextFocus && hasWordHighlights default
Go to Previous Difference shift+f7 isInDiffEditor default
Go to Previous Problem (Error, Warning, Info) shift+alt+f8 editorTextFocus && !editorReadonly default
Go to Previous Problem in Files (Error, Warning, Info) shift+f8 editorFocus && !editorReadonly default
Go to Previous Symbol Highlight shift+f7 editorTextFocus && hasWordHighlights default
Go to Symbol... shift+ctrl+o editorFocus && editorHasDocumentSymbolProvider default
Indent Line ctrl+] editorTextFocus && !editorReadonly default
Insert Line Above shift+ctrl+enter editorTextFocus && !editorReadonly default
Insert Line Below ctrl+enter editorTextFocus && !editorReadonly default
monaco.acceptRenameInput enter editorFocus && renameInputVisible default
monaco.acceptSelectedSuggestion tab suggestWidgetVisible && textInputFocus default
monaco.acceptSelectedSuggestionOnEnter enter acceptSuggestionOnEnter && suggestWidgetVisible && suggestionMakesTextEdit && textInputFocus default
monaco.cancelRenameInput escape editorFocus && renameInputVisible default
monaco.cancelSelection escape editorHasSelection && textInputFocus default
monaco.closeAccessibilityHelp escape accessibilityHelpWidgetVisible && editorFocus default
monaco.closeFindWidget escape editorFocus && findWidgetVisible default
monaco.closeMarkersNavigation escape editorFocus && markersNavigationVisible default
monaco.closeParameterHints escape editorFocus && parameterHintsVisible default
monaco.closeReferenceSearch escape referenceSearchVisible && !config.editor.stablePeek default
monaco.closeReferenceSearchEditor escape inReferenceSearchEditor && !config.editor.stablePeek default
monaco.cursorBottom ctrl+end textInputFocus default
monaco.cursorBottomSelect shift+ctrl+end textInputFocus default
monaco.cursorColumnSelectDown shift+alt+ctrl+down textInputFocus default
monaco.cursorColumnSelectLeft shift+alt+ctrl+left textInputFocus default
monaco.cursorColumnSelectPageDown shift+alt+ctrl+pagedown textInputFocus default
monaco.cursorColumnSelectPageUp shift+alt+ctrl+pageup textInputFocus default
monaco.cursorColumnSelectRight shift+alt+ctrl+right textInputFocus default
monaco.cursorColumnSelectUp shift+alt+ctrl+up textInputFocus default
monaco.cursorDown down textInputFocus default
monaco.cursorDownSelect shift+down textInputFocus default
monaco.cursorEnd end textInputFocus default
monaco.cursorEndSelect shift+end textInputFocus default
monaco.cursorHome home textInputFocus default
monaco.cursorHomeSelect shift+home textInputFocus default
monaco.cursorLeft left textInputFocus default
monaco.cursorLeftSelect shift+left textInputFocus default
monaco.cursorPageDown pagedown textInputFocus default
monaco.cursorPageDownSelect shift+pagedown textInputFocus default
monaco.cursorPageUp pageup textInputFocus default
monaco.cursorPageUpSelect shift+pageup textInputFocus default
monaco.cursorRight right textInputFocus default
monaco.cursorRightSelect shift+right textInputFocus default
monaco.cursorTop ctrl+home textInputFocus default
monaco.cursorTopSelect shift+ctrl+home textInputFocus default
monaco.cursorUp up textInputFocus default
monaco.cursorUpSelect shift+up textInputFocus default
monaco.cursorWordEndRight ctrl+right textInputFocus default
monaco.cursorWordEndRightSelect shift+ctrl+right textInputFocus default
monaco.cursorWordStartLeft ctrl+left textInputFocus default
monaco.cursorWordStartLeftSelect shift+ctrl+left textInputFocus default
monaco.deleteLeft backspace textInputFocus && !editorReadonly default
monaco.deleteRight delete textInputFocus && !editorReadonly default
monaco.deleteWordLeft ctrl+backspace textInputFocus && !editorReadonly default
monaco.deleteWordRight ctrl+delete textInputFocus && !editorReadonly default
monaco.editor.action.replaceAll alt+ctrl+enter editorFocus && findWidgetVisible default
monaco.editor.action.replaceOne shift+ctrl+1 editorFocus && findWidgetVisible default
monaco.editor.action.selectAll ctrl+a textInputFocus default
monaco.editor.action.selectAllMatches alt+enter editorFocus && findWidgetVisible default
monaco.editor.cancelOperation escape cancellableOperation default
monaco.editor.gotoNextSymbolFromResult f12 hasSymbols && config.editor.gotoLocation.multiple == 'goto' default
monaco.editor.gotoNextSymbolFromResult.cancel escape hasSymbols default
monaco.expandLineSelection ctrl+l textInputFocus default
monaco.goToNextReference f4 referenceSearchVisible default
monaco.goToNextReferenceFromEmbeddedEditor f4 inReferenceSearchEditor default
monaco.goToPreviousReference shift+f4 referenceSearchVisible default
monaco.goToPreviousReferenceFromEmbeddedEditor shift+f4 inReferenceSearchEditor default
monaco.hideSuggestWidget escape suggestWidgetVisible && textInputFocus default
monaco.history.showNext down historyNavigationEnabled && historyNavigationWidget default
monaco.history.showPrevious up historyNavigationEnabled && historyNavigationWidget default
monaco.insertBestCompletion tab atEndOfWord && !hasOtherSuggestions && !inSnippetMode && !suggestWidgetVisible && config.editor.tabCompletion == 'on' default
monaco.insertNextSuggestion tab hasOtherSuggestions && textInputFocus && !inSnippetMode && !suggestWidgetVisible && config.editor.tabCompletion == 'on' default
monaco.insertPrevSuggestion shift+tab hasOtherSuggestions && textInputFocus && !inSnippetMode && !suggestWidgetVisible && config.editor.tabCompletion == 'on' default
monaco.jumpToNextSnippetPlaceholder tab editorTextFocus && hasNextTabstop && inSnippetMode default
monaco.jumpToPrevSnippetPlaceholder shift+tab editorTextFocus && hasPrevTabstop && inSnippetMode default
monaco.leaveEditorMessage escape messageVisible default
monaco.leaveSnippet escape editorTextFocus && inSnippetMode default
monaco.openReferenceToSide ctrl+enter referenceSearchTreeFocused && referenceSearchVisible default
monaco.outdent shift+tab editorTextFocus && !editorReadonly && !editorTabMovesFocus default
monaco.removeSecondaryCursors escape editorHasMultipleSelections && textInputFocus default
monaco.scrollLineDown ctrl+down textInputFocus default
monaco.scrollLineUp ctrl+up textInputFocus default
monaco.scrollPageDown alt+pagedown textInputFocus default
monaco.scrollPageUp alt+pageup textInputFocus default
monaco.selectNextPageSuggestion pagedown suggestWidgetMultipleSuggestions && suggestWidgetVisible && textInputFocus default
monaco.selectNextSuggestion down suggestWidgetMultipleSuggestions && suggestWidgetVisible && textInputFocus default
monaco.selectPrevPageSuggestion pageup suggestWidgetMultipleSuggestions && suggestWidgetVisible && textInputFocus default
monaco.selectPrevSuggestion up suggestWidgetMultipleSuggestions && suggestWidgetVisible && textInputFocus default
monaco.showNextParameterHint down editorFocus && parameterHintsMultipleSignatures && parameterHintsVisible default
monaco.showPrevParameterHint up editorFocus && parameterHintsMultipleSignatures && parameterHintsVisible default tab editorTextFocus && !editorReadonly && !editorTabMovesFocus default
monaco.toggleExplainMode ctrl+/ suggestWidgetVisible default
monaco.toggleFindCaseSensitive alt+c editorFocus default
monaco.toggleFindInSelection alt+l editorFocus default
monaco.toggleFindRegex alt+r editorFocus default
monaco.toggleFindWholeWord alt+w editorFocus default
monaco.toggleSuggestionDetails ctrl+space suggestWidgetVisible && textInputFocus default
monaco.toggleSuggestionFocus alt+ctrl+space suggestWidgetVisible && textInputFocus default
Move Last Selection To Next Find Match ctrl+k ctrl+d editorFocus default
Move Line Down alt+down editorTextFocus && !editorReadonly default
Move Line Up alt+up editorTextFocus && !editorReadonly default
notifications.commands.hide esc notificationsVisible default
Open Call Hierarchy ctrlcmd+f1 default
Open Definition to the Side ctrl+k ctrl+f12 editorHasDefinitionProvider && editorTextFocus && !isInEmbeddedEditor default
Open File... ctrlcmd+p default
Open Keyboard Shortcuts ctrl+alt+, default
Open Preferences ctrl+, default
Open Recent Workspace... ctrlcmd+alt+r default
Open Workspace Symbol... ctrlcmd+o default
Open Workspace... ctrlcmd+alt+w default
Open... ctrlcmd+alt+o default
Organize Imports shift+alt+o editorTextFocus && !editorReadonly && supportedCodeAction =~ /(\s|^)source\.organizeImports\b/ default
Organize Imports shift+alt+o javaEditorTextFocus default
Organize Imports shift+alt+o typescriptEditorTextFocus default
Outdent Line ctrl+[ editorTextFocus && !editorReadonly default
Peek Definition alt+f12 editorHasDefinitionProvider && editorTextFocus && !inReferenceSearchEditor && !isInEmbeddedEditor default
Peek Implementation shift+ctrl+f12 editorHasImplementationProvider && editorTextFocus && !isInEmbeddedEditor default
Peek References shift+f12 editorHasReferenceProvider && editorTextFocus && !inReferenceSearchEditor && !isInEmbeddedEditor default
Quick Fix... ctrl+. editorHasCodeActionsProvider && editorTextFocus && !editorReadonly default
Redo ctrlcmd+shift+z default
Refactor... shift+ctrl+r editorHasCodeActionsProvider && editorTextFocus && !editorReadonly default
Remove Line Comment ctrl+k ctrl+u editorTextFocus && !editorReadonly default
Rename f2 navigatorActive default
Rename Symbol f2 editorHasRenameProvider && editorTextFocus && !editorReadonly default
Replace ctrlcmd+alt+f default
Replace with Next Value shift+ctrl+. editorTextFocus && !editorReadonly default
Replace with Previous Value shift+ctrl+, editorTextFocus && !editorReadonly default
Reveal in Explorer alt+r default
Run Last Task ctrlcmd+shift+k default
Save ctrlcmd+s default
Save All ctrlcmd+alt+s default
Save As... ctrl+shift+s default
Select All ctrlcmd+a editorTextFocus default
Select All Occurrences of Find Match shift+ctrl+l editorFocus default
Show Accessibility Help alt+f1 editorFocus default
Show All Opened Editors ctrlcmd+k ctrlcmd+p default
Show Editor Context Menu shift+f10 textInputFocus default
Show Hover ctrl+k ctrl+i editorTextFocus default
Shrink Selection shift+alt+left editorTextFocus default
Soft Undo ctrl+u textInputFocus default
Switch Between Source/Header File alt+o cpp.keybinding.context default
Switch to Next Tab ctrlcmd+tab default
Switch to Previous Tab ctrlcmd+shift+tab default
Toggle Block Comment shift+alt+a editorTextFocus && !editorReadonly default
Toggle Bottom Panel ctrlcmd+j default
Toggle Call Hierarchy View ctrlcmd+shift+f1 default
Toggle Explorer View ctrlcmd+shift+e default
Toggle Hidden Files ctrlcmd+i navigatorActive default
Toggle Line Comment ctrl+/ editorTextFocus && !editorReadonly default
Toggle Outline View ctrlcmd+shift+i default
Toggle Output View ctrlcmd+shift+u default
Toggle Problems View ctrlcmd+shift+m default
Trigger Parameter Hints shift+ctrl+space editorHasSignatureHelpProvider && editorTextFocus default
Trigger Suggest ctrl+space editorHasCompletionItemProvider && textInputFocus && !editorReadonly default
Trim Trailing Whitespace ctrl+k ctrl+x editorTextFocus && !editorReadonly default
Undo ctrlcmd+z default
Unfold shift+ctrl+] editorTextFocus && foldingEnabled default
Unfold All ctrl+k ctrl+j editorTextFocus && foldingEnabled default
Unfold All Regions ctrl+k ctrl+9 editorTextFocus && foldingEnabled default
Unfold Recursively ctrl+k ctrl+] editorTextFocus && foldingEnabled default
workbench.action.showCommands f1 default
Add Cursors To Bottom
Add Cursors To Top
Add Folder to Workspace...
Add Selection To Previous Find Match
Attach Task...
Auto Reveal
Auto Save
C/C++: Restart Language Server
C/C++: Start Language Server
C/C++: Stop Language Server
Change Build Configuration
Change Color Theme
Change End of Line Sequence
Change File Encoding
Change Language Mode
Choose Keyboard Layout
Clear All Notifications
Clear Command History
Clear Editor History
Clear History
Clear Output
Clear Search Results
Close Tabs to the Right
Close Workspace
Collapse All
Collapse Folders in Explorer
Compare with Each Other
Compare with Selected
Configure Tasks...
Copy Download Link
Copy With Syntax Highlighting
Create New Build Configuration
Delete All Left
Delete All Right
Developer: Force Retokenize
Developer: Inspect Tokens
Dockerfile: Restart Language Server
Dockerfile: Start Language Server
Dockerfile: Stop Language Server
Dump File Inclusions (Debug)
Dump Files Including this File (Debug)
Editor Font Zoom In
Editor Font Zoom Out
Editor Font Zoom Reset
Find in Folder
Find With Selection
Fix All
Go to Declaration
Go to Type Definition
Go: Add Import
Go: Add Tags To Struct Fields
Go: Benchmark Function At Cursor
Go: Browse Packages
Go: Build Current Package
Go: Build Workspace
Go: Current GOPATH
Go: Fill struct
Go: Generate Interface Stubs
Go: Generate Unit Tests For File
Go: Generate Unit Tests For Function
Go: Generate Unit Tests For Package
Go: Get Package
Go: Install Current Package
Go: Install/Update Tools
Go: Lint Current Package
Go: Lint Workspace
Go: Remove Tags From Struct Fields
Go: Restart Language Server
Go: Run on Go Playground
Go: Show All Commands...
Go: Start Language Server
Go: Stop Language Server
Go: Test All Packages In Workspace
Go: Test File
Go: Test Function At Cursor
Go: Test Package
Go: Test Previous
Go: Toggle Test Coverage In Current Package
Go: Toggle Test File
Go: Vet Current Package
Go: Vet Workspace
Indent Using Spaces
Indent Using Tabs
Java: Restart Language Server
Java: Start Language Server
Java: Stop Language Server
Join Lines
JSON: Restart Language Server
JSON: Start Language Server
JSON: Stop Language Server
Move Caret Left
Move Caret Right
Move Last Selection To Previous Find Match
New File
New Folder
Open Keyboard Shortcuts (JSON)
Open Link
Open Preview
Open Preview
Open Server Log
Open URL
Open View...
Peek Declaration
Peek Type Definition
PHP: Restart Language Server
PHP: Start Language Server
PHP: Stop Language Server
Print Index Statistics (Debug)
Python: Restart Language Server
Python: Start Language Server
Python: Stop Language Server
Refresh in Explorer
Reindex Workspace (Debug)
Remove Folder from Workspace
Reset Build Configuration
Reset Workbench Layout
RUBY: Restart Language Server
RUBY: Start Language Server
RUBY: Stop Language Server
Run Selected Text
Run Task...
Save Workspace As...
Select for Compare
Select to Bracket
Select Version
Show All Opened Terminals
Show Running Tasks
Sort Lines Ascending
Sort Lines Descending
Source Action...
Terminate Task
Toggle High Contrast Theme
Toggle Maximized
Toggle Minimap
Toggle Notifications
Toggle Search View
Toggle Tab Key Moves Focus
Transform to Lowercase
Transform to Title Case
Transform to Uppercase
Transpose characters around the cursor
Transpose Letters
Trigger Symbol Highlight
TypeScript: Restart Language Server
TypeScript: Start Language Server
TypeScript: Stop Language Server
Upload Files...
Variable: List All
YAML: Restart Language Server
YAML: Start Language Server
YAML: Stop Language Server