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25.14.3 Editing Format Information

The easiest way to alter properties is with the ‘Text Properties’ menu. You can get to this menu from the ‘Edit’ menu in the menu bar (see Menu Bar), or with C-mouse-2 (see Menu Mouse Clicks). Some of the commands in the ‘Text Properties’ menu are listed below (you can also invoke them with M-x):

Remove Face Properties
Remove face properties from the region (facemenu-remove-face-props).

Remove Text Properties
Remove all text properties from the region, including face properties (facemenu-remove-all).

Describe Properties
List all text properties and other information about the character following point (describe-text-properties).
Display Faces
Display a list of defined faces (list-faces-display). See Faces.
Display Colors
Display a list of defined colors (list-colors-display). See Colors.

The other menu entries are described in the following sections.