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34.3 Using the Gnus Group Buffer

The following commands are available in the Gnus group buffer:

Switch to the summary buffer for the group on the current line (gnus-group-read-group).

A s
In the group buffer, list only the groups to which you subscribe and which contain unread articles (gnus-group-list-groups; this is the default listing).

A u
List all subscribed and unsubscribed groups, but not killed or zombie groups (gnus-group-list-all-groups).

A k
List killed groups (gnus-group-list-killed).

A z
List zombie groups (gnus-group-list-zombies).

Toggle the subscription status of the group (gnus-group-unsubscribe-current-group) on the current line (i.e., turn a subscribed group into an unsubscribed group, or vice versa). Invoking this on a killed or zombie group turns it into an unsubscribed group.

Kill the group on the current line (gnus-group-kill-group). Killed groups are not recorded in the .newsrc file, and they are not shown in the l or L listings.

Move point to the previous group containing unread articles (gnus-group-prev-unread-group).

Move point to the next unread group (gnus-group-next-unread-group).

Move point to the previous unread group (gnus-group-prev-unread-group).

Update your Gnus settings, and quit Gnus (gnus-group-exit).