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34.4 Using the Gnus Summary Buffer

The following commands are available in the Gnus summary buffer:

If there is no article selected, select the article on the current line and display its article buffer. Otherwise, try scrolling the selected article buffer in its window; on reaching the end of the buffer, select the next unread article (gnus-summary-next-page).

Thus, you can read through all articles by repeatedly typing <SPC>.

Scroll the text of the article backwards (gnus-summary-prev-page).

Select the next unread article (gnus-summary-next-unread-article).

Select the previous unread article (gnus-summary-prev-unread-article).

Do an incremental search on the selected article buffer (gnus-summary-isearch-article), as if you switched to the buffer and typed C-s (see Incremental Search).

M-s regexp <RET>
Search forward for articles containing a match for regexp (gnus-summary-search-article-forward).

M-r regexp <RET>
Search back for articles containing a match for regexp (gnus-summary-search-article-backward).

Exit the summary buffer and return to the group buffer (gnus-summary-exit).