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52.5 Sending Patches for GNU Emacs

If you would like to write bug fixes or improvements for GNU Emacs, that is very helpful. When you send your changes, please follow these guidelines to make it easy for the maintainers to use them. If you don't follow these guidelines, your information might still be useful, but using it will take extra work. Maintaining GNU Emacs is a lot of work in the best of circumstances, and we can't keep up unless you do your best to help.

Every patch must have several pieces of information before we can properly evaluate it.

When you have all these pieces, bundle them up in a mail message and send it to the developers. Sending it to (which is the bug/feature list) is recommended, because that list is coupled to a tracking system that makes it easier to locate patches. If your patch is not complete and you think it needs more discussion, you might want to send it to instead. If you revise your patch, send it as a followup to the initial topic.

We prefer to get the patches as plain text, either inline (be careful your mail client does not change line breaks) or as MIME attachments.